The home in which I was raised, I had a mother who stayed home and cooked three meals a day. Fast food was unknown to us on our little island called Mauritius. When we moved to California, my mother continued to cook every meal. Friends would visit, and would be confused and delighted by what my mother cooked that night.

From one multicultural environment to another, I was exposed to what the world had to offer in the variety food and all it’s iterations. That lead me to enroll in culinary school. I left the high rolling world of IT Account Management. Just when I thought I was out of tech, they pulled me back in. In a world of unlimited expense accounts and client dinners, suddenly, food became my enemy. Obligations to wine and dine came with a price. Nobody can sustain the excesses nightly extravagant dinners and drinking, and other vices, without slowly breaking down. Like the aristocrats in middle ages who developed gout and syphilis, the modern equivalents started to appear among all of the players. Obesity, lethargy, hypertension, cardiovascular disease began to rear their heads. The tech explosion in the Bay area required engineers from all over the world to meet the demands for new innovations. The diverse groups of new immigrants brought their diverse culinary traditions, and suddenly the culinary explosion that occurred was the food equivalent of what happened with computers in the bay area. Clients would request their fav restaurants for lunches and dinner so of course I would comply.

I eventually developed metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So I ended up on lots of drugs for high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and drugs just to sleep. Then I got really sick. I was diagnosed with a tumor on my liver given 6 months to live. With the help of good surgeons and Stanford Hospital I made a healthy full recovery. It was time to find a new relationship with food. Fortunately by now I had all the tools I needed to find a new path. So I decided to start this journey and record it in a blog.

Now that I found a new relationship with food I want to be able to eat butter, wagu beef, truffle oil, lobster ,and all the foods that I am not allergic to or react to . I didn’t want to be stuck eating seaweed and bean spouts forever. Not that there is anything wrong with seaweed and bean sprouts, I do like these but I didn’t want to have to eat like that everyday. Now with the proper training and guidance from an amazing doctor, I am all good. I get to eat super yummy food that is very healthy. I know you can do this too if you follow my simple steps in learning how to cook properly, shop properly, keep a healthy stocked pantry and stay consistent to a yummy healthy diet. I hope you enjoy my recipes that are an eclectic collection of fresh food with a cross cultural influence.